Everything about the Midden Nederland Hallen

Midden Nederland Hallen is fully committed to protect the environment without sacrificing on comfort and quality for our guests. During the built, sustainable materials were used such as very good insulation. In addition, the entire location is provided with LED lighting. Thanks to the below sustainability measures this location is the first energy-neutral event centre in The Netherlands!

Heat and cold storage

The location makes use of heat pumps and a heat and cold storage. This is a sustainable method to store either hot or cold energy in the ground. We use the heat of summer to heat the building in the winter and we use the cold of winter to cool the building in the summer.

Solar panels

There are over 1.650 solar panels on the roof of Midden Nederland Hallen. These panels provide sufficient energy to maintain 33 households.

Electricity charging stations

There are charging stations for electric cars available at the parking area of Midden Nederland Hallen. Electric cars have a far less polluting effect on the environment. In this way we try to make a positive contribution towards the promotion of these environmentally friendly developments.

Food surplus

The percentage of food that isn't consumed is quite low at our premises. It is obviously impossible to cook exactly what is needed because people sometimes eat a little bit more or a little bit less. The remaining food will be collected in so-called Swill containers. A fermentation plant turns this into biogas.

People, planet, profit

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility is a process to us that continuously demands adjustment and improvement to the way in which we execute our activities. Not only for the purpose of making a profit, but also to meet the increasingly strict demands of society and stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, employees, shareholders and guests) where responsibility and transparency are concerned.

Midden Nederland Hallen is an enterprise that continuously adapts and strives for improvements where a profound social responsibility must ensure continuity. Here we focus on the following three categories.


  • We pay attention to our employees. We want to make them aware of their position in society, among others in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Our company is open to and participates in various sponsor projects.
  • There is no room for discrimination within our enterprise.


  • In our work, we want to acknowledge the importance of sustainability. We show this through the products and cleaning agents we use, and in the way we use energy. We are also actively involved in waste separation and try to make as little use as possible of disposables. The disposables we do use, are biologically degradable.
  • When purchasing, we aim for organic and local products. If so desired, we can even offer 100% organic food. 
  • Through new technologies we try to prevent the unnecessary use of energy and water. In this respect we use a specific heating system for our dishwasher and monitor the energy consumption at the different locations. 
  • We encourage the use of shuttle bus services and bicycles
  • Limit co2 emissions by using as many local providers as possible.


  • Making a profit is essential for our continuity. Here we observe healthy points of departure making it possible to invest in the building and technology.
  • Within our own organisation and those of our suppliers, there is absolutely no room for corruption, extortion or any kind of bribe. We ensure this by being as transparent as we possibly can in our contacts with clients and our employees.