Dance, have a drink or place a small bet?

Accessible and lots of space

Something to celebrate? Midden Nederland Hallen is an accessible party location where you have all the space you need for your party concept. Performances in the Auditorium (2,000 m²), a dance floor in the Expo Hall (2,500 m²), a dinner in the Grand Café? It's all possible. You can receive up to 5,000 guests without any trouble.

Modern and sustainable

They will enter a brand new complex. The rooms are spacious, you can easily find your way around and the technology is totally contemporary. Thanks to 1,650 solar panels and an installation for heat/cold storage, your party is also energy-neutral. That makes the Midden Nederland Hallen a responsible venue for an office party or corporate party.

Extenisive support

In recent years, dozens of companies and organisations have opted for a party or company celebration in the Midden Nederland Hallen. Curious about their party ideas? You can find out all about them during an informal tour of the party location. During this tour, you will immediately see how you can combine different party rooms.

Experienced advisors will think along with you about the party programme, the room layout and a catering concept that suits your party. In need of security guards, parking supervisors or shuttle buses to the party location? They will be happy to arrange that for you.


All advantages for you

  • The Auditorium

    The Auditorium has 100 to 2,500 seats for conferences, product presentations, training courses, network meetings, concerts and theater performances. The room is equipped with advanced multimedia facilities and modern technology in the field of light and sound.

    The Auditorium can be combined well with other rooms, but can also be used independently. The exclusivity of your event is guaranteed by the separate entrance parts of the complex.


  • In-house suppliers

    Our experienced team and in-house suppliers will support you in tailoring the venue specifically to your event requirements, with resident caterers on hand to create innovative menus, and technical partner onsite with a pre-installed, high-spec production package. This large-scale venue can play host to a wide range of events, including awards ceremonies, conferences, dinners, product launches, parties, charity events and exhibitions.

  • Centrally located

    Situated in the center of the Netherlands, we are only 13 kilometres from Amersfoort and 30 kilometres from Utrecht.

  • 1,750 parking spaces

    Welcome your guests with 1,750 available parking spaces. 

  • Space

    Over 10,000 sqm versatile event space with an 14m ceiling height, perfect for theming and dressing the venue to suit your event.

  • Energy-neutral venue

    Maximum impact on your guests with minimal impact on the environment. That is what we all want, isn’t it? Midden Nederland Hallen is energy-neutral thanks to, among other things, heat and cold storage and 1,650 solar panels.